Hello and welcome to Electric Gutter! 2017 was a very exciting and productive year for us.
We released two titles — one brings you something fresh and the other presents a bit of history.


Put a Dog In It, by Karen McElrath, is a collection of photographs that follows the adventures of Jasmine and her sidekick Zeus. Narrated by Jasmine, she tells you about her hometown, her friends and family, her lust for nature, her mischievous behavior, her political activism, and her wise and powerful foster dog brother.

This book will remind you that everything is better with a dog in it!



Axles and Air: Skateboarding 1978-1980, by Steve McElrath, presents an up close look at skating in the late 1970s / early 1980s. These images are a glimpse into a time when skateboarding was beneath the radar of mainstream society. 

A photo included in the edition shows an individual, proudly standing with arms crossed at the bottom of a newly constructed halfpipe. Stacy Peralta’s (Dogtown Z-Boy/filmmaker) observation of this image says it all.

This photo defines the 80s! What a pure time for skating.”  —  Stacy Peralta


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